ITV Payroll Coordinator

Job Description

Payroll Coordinator


Overview of the Role:

Located in ITV America’s North Hollywood office, the role of the Payroll Coordinator is to support the successful processing of ITV’s payroll across all US entities.  The Payroll Coordinator is responsible for processing biweekly payroll, troubleshooting with external payroll services and flexible benefits providers, ensuring compliance with applicable payroll tax laws, and addressing related accounting issues.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Administration of payroll-related procedures for all employees (executive, exempt, and non-exempt), including the processing, recording, and reporting of all compensation-related actions.
  • Perform various technical payroll reporting and compliance activities across multiple entities.
  • Complete year-end payroll activity (W-2s, etc.).
  • Work closely with the HR and Accounting teams.
  • Ensure accuracy of computations, statutory withholdings, voluntary deductions, garnishments and overall employee payroll accuracy.
  • Monitor the timeliness and accuracy of data submitted for payroll processing, such as timecards and adjustments.
  • Help manage the payroll process with field production staff.
  • Act as a liaison to external payroll service providers (ADP, Entertainment Partners) and other third party vendors to troubleshoot and resolve pending issues.
  • Develop and design ad hoc reports utilizing ADP software.
  • Analyze and reconcile any payroll out of balance situations.
  • Other payroll-related duties as assigned.



  • Minimum 2 years of related payroll experience in a multi-state corporate environment.
  • Strong Excel experience.
  • Strong technical reporting skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively across all levels of the organization with discretion.
  • Ability to quickly learn new payroll systems and software.
  • Experience with ADP (not required, but a plus).


About ITV America: 

ITV America is the largest independent non-scripted producer in the US. It includes ITV Entertainment, High Noon Entertainment, Thinkfactory Media, Leftfield Pictures, Sirens Media, and Good Caper.  ITV America is behind some of the biggest brands on American non-scripted programming.  This includes series such as ‘Queer Eye’, ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ ‘Love Island’, ‘Fixer Upper’, ‘Pawn Stars’, ‘The First 48’, ‘Alone’ and ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey.’ Across the group, we produce hundreds of hours of successful programming across multiple networks.


ITV is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and is committed to maintaining a creative and collaborative environment with a diverse workforce.


Temporary Work from Home Disclaimer:  While ITV remains committed to creating a flexible work environment, we believe that in person collaboration is key.  Requirements for different teams and projects will vary, but all new hires will be expected to return to the office in some capacity when permitted by applicable regulations.