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First Premiere

November 14, 2017

Episode Count

1 Season / 11 Episodes


Liquid Science, explores the latest in science and technology and dives deeper into the innovations that change our daily lives. Through the mind of legendary artist and rapper GZA of the Wu Tang Clan, each of the 11 episodes center around a different topic, from virtual reality and climate change to immortality. Celebrated for his elaborate wordplay and innovative lyrical styling, GZA has incorporated scientific concepts into his music for decades. Recently, he has been a guest at MIT and Harvard University, working to inspire young people to think about science through his music. As a founding member of the Wu Tang Clan, GZA was part of a group of people who are now recognized for transforming hip-hop music in the early 90s. A curious investigator and unique voice, GZA invites us into the creative complexity of his own imagination