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First Premiere

April 11, 2020

Episode Count

1 Season / 12 Episodes


In SAVED BY THE BARN, we’ll tag along with Dan McKernan who picked up from his six-figure tech job in Austin, TX and left it all behind to take over his family’s 140-year-old farm in Michigan and transform it into the ‘Barn Sanctuary;’ a sanctuary for rescued farm animals that have experienced abuse, neglect and much more. Dan travels across the country to rescue barn animals including Charlie, a blind goat, two ducklings who undergo special water therapy; Lola, a goat who needs prosthetics for her back hooves, and many others farm animals that get the opportunity to be integrating into a new life at the Barn Sanctuary. Viewers will fall in love with Dan and his family, be inspired by the animals, relish in the rescues and rehabilitation, and delight at the warmth and humor it takes all in a day’s work!